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Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia: A Historic Neighborhood Layered With Elegance

Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia: A Historic Neighborhood Layered With Elegance

For many Philadelphians, Rittenhouse Square is the heart of Center City. It’s where the city comes to gather in nicer weather, picnicking on the immaculately kept lawns while dogs chase tennis balls and a fountain gurgles gently in the middle. Much of the city’s most high-end real estate lines the borders of this small square.

Shops and restaurants are crammed into the surrounding blocks, with a select few having the coveted position of being on the square itself. With charming rowhomes, well-maintained green spaces and one of the highest safety ratings, life in Rittenhouse Square doesn’t come cheap, but it’s one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Philadelphia for a reason.

 Where is Rittenhouse Square?

Rittenhouse Square is central to most of the city. It’s just South of Fairmount and Spring Gardens, two beautiful neighborhoods on their own, and across the Schuylkill from the beginning of University City and West Philly. Graduate Hospital and Fitler Square sit on the Eastern border of Rittenhouse Square while the Gayborhood and Old City are further East.


Named for the park that sits at the center of the neighborhood, Rittenhouse Square was the southwestern corner of the original Philadelphia. Before it expanded into the urban center it is today, Rittenhouse Square was originally the Southwest Square, one of five urban centers planned by William Penn when he initially designed Philadelphia. 


What to do

Living in Rittenhouse Square means living with status. It has a reputation for being the wealthiest neighborhood in Philly, and for good reason. Updated penthouses housed in historic buildings lining the square routinely break records for being the most expensive real estate sold in the city, and some of the city’s most expensive and sought-after shops and restaurants are found here.

Where to eat & drink

Parc is one of the few restaurants that landed the coveted location of being on the square. It’s a tourist draw, with visitors and residents alike clamoring for a table and often waiting hours before they’re settled into one. If you’re looking for one of the few outdoor seating options that overlook the square, you could be waiting even longer. However, unlike other tourist spots, Parc also happens to serve really delicious food. It features a traditional French menu and the higher price points to back it up.

Metropolitan Bakery, just a few doors down from the square, is a Philadelphia staple. This outpost fills the area with scents of freshly baked bread and rotating pastries every morning. An additional space next door to the bakery houses a wood oven and pumps out mouth-watering pizzas and sandwiches during lunch.

For date nights or any night when you just want to slip into something nice and hit the town for a fabulous meal, Friday Saturday Sunday is known for its shifting, seasonal menu. It’s a transitioned rowhouse, with a dark, inviting bar on the first floor serving award winning cocktails and a handful of dining tables on the second floor. The layout gives it an intimate, cozy feel, perfect for diving head-first into whatever delicious specials are available that day.

That doesn’t mean it’s all about the money, though. There are plenty of deals to be found in the charming rowhouses a few blocks off the square if you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of square footage, and neighborhood joints like the Black Sheep still serve beers for $5 each.

Moving to Rittenhouse Square

Real Estate Snapshot

Rittenhouse Square is known for being one of Philadelphia’s most expensive neighborhoods, and the numbers don’t lie. Rentals here cost about 35% higher than the city’s average. The premium is for location. Many of the buildings here are a bit older, though some have been beautifully updated.


Situated smack in the middle of the city, you can get just about anywhere from Rittenhouse Square. Buses lead to Western, Southern, Eastern and Northern neighborhoods in Philly, as well as the airport. It’s a few blocks from the Broad Street train line, which connects the north and south areas of the city.

It’s also a quick trip across the river to 30th St Station if you need to go a bit further afield. Local train lines bring commuters and residents out to the nearby suburbs, while Amtrak connects Philly to cities all over the East Coast.

Schools & Employment

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rittenhouse has a wide selection of private schools, but it also has some great public ones. Greenfield School is one of them, an elementary school that has been given a boost in recent years thanks to parents stepping in and filling in some holes. For those who do want to go the private route, Independence Charter School offers an option for grades K-8.

Many people who live in Rittenhouse work in the nearby area. With its wide selection of schools, restaurants and shops, there is plenty of work in the hospitality, education and retail area. Mostly, though, people make the quick walk into Center City to head over to Comcast or one of the other large-scale corporation that has offices there.

Want to get a taste of this charming neighborhood? Browse through hundreds of available listings and choose your next apartment in Rittenhouse Square.

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7 Gorgeous Green Spaces from Apartment Buildings to Relax In [Editor’s Picks]

Lately, weve learned just how important it is to love the home we live in and appreciate what we have. Especially for those who live in big cities, it’s even more important to be able to access a small corner of nature — be it in the form of a cozy patio, an enclosed courtyard, a comfy balcony garden or an exquisite rooftop terrace. 

So, we set out on a quest to find some of the most beautiful green spaces built into apartment communities in big cities all over the countryAnd now, were sharing some of the best so we can appreciate their beauty together. Let’s take a look! 

northshore pool garden

With lush and robust greenery, this leisure area at Northshore in the heart of Austin offers the perfect spot for respite. 

terrace garden

After working hard all day, rest your eyes and your soul by lying down in the shade of the trees or taking in some sunshine by the pool. 

leisure area northshore

It’s the perfect place not only to gather around the fire pit after dark, but also to sip a cup of coffee as you watch the sun come up. 

grill garden northshore

The Bowie in Austin, Texas 

rooftop garden bowie

Nature and modern amenities coexist in the heart of the busy city. Complete with a luxurious pool and edgy, poolside décor, here you can relax and enjoy the sunset after a hot summer day.

pool bowie austin

Grab a cool drink and kick back in the shade of the trees overlooking the beautiful city. 

green space rooftop

hwh pool

Luxurious living is defined by the amazing rooftop garden and leisure zone of LAs HWH. The elegant design of the natural area gives you peace of mind and a comforting place to relax with a glorious view of the city of angels.

hwh pool view

Take cover in the shade during the sunny days while working from home, or relax in the evenings with a good book by the pool. Clearly, this is an oasis in the middle of a concrete desert. 

hwh aerial view

parkside apartments rooftop

Enjoy a moment of peace relaxing in this beautiful enclosure. This gorgeous area of Birmingham’s Parkside Apartments is an ideal spot for the summer evenings when all you want is a chilled glass in your hand and the feel of the cool breeze on your face. 

parkside apartments firepit

piedmont house pool

This is an area complete with all you might need for the summer — from well-groomed greenery to a cozy fire pit, a lovely grill area and a refreshing swimming pool. 

leisure area

Plus, enjoy a barbecue and rest by the pool while being nurtured by some muchneeded sunshine — it’s really a dream come true.  

rooftop firepit piedmont house

towers rincon view

The minimalist design of Towers at Rincons relax zone is the perfect background for a peaceful retreat in the bustling city of San Francisco. 

rincon relax area

Here, you can get lost in your thoughts and contemplate the beauty of this world while gazing at the city and enjoying the water and iconic scenery. 

strata mission bay garden

A lovely space that combines natural elements in the landscape and in the design, Strata at Mission Bays recreation area offers its residents an open space to take in the sun and relax during a day off or after a busy workday. 

All of these areas combine both nature and modern design for the perfect balance of solace and city life. So, which space would you choose to relax in? Let us know your favorites and share your own green spaces with us by tagging us in your pictures. 

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